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Skaters seeking new members

A group of rollerbladers on the Astro Turf prior to the construction of the Kaitiff Skatepark. (Photo by Michron Robinson)
By Dwayne Gibbs on Friday, 13 May, 2022 at 07:53 AM

Story by Michron Robinson

The Skateboard Association of Barbados is ramping up efforts to attract new members now that there is a heightened interest amongst Barbadians in skateboarding and rollerblading. Public Relations Officer of the Skateboard Association of Barbados Jade Nicolls told The Wallpaper that with the piqued interest seen amongst rollerbladers the Skate board association decided to extend its reach.

“Right now, we have seventy-five members so every year we have an annual general meeting and since we became associated with the Barbados Olympic Association as well as the World Skate Organization, we decided to reach out and get more people involved, especially now more people are roller blading,” she said.

Nicolls said that great opportunities include access to discounted regional events, discounts at the Kaitiff Skatepark and access to insurance.

“Since more people are interested in skateboarding and rollerblading, we decided that we would extend it to rollerbladers and not only skateboards,” she said.

The Skateboard PRO said that it's all about facilitating skaters in any way that they can.

Coming up in the summer will be the skateboard invitational Gromfest, the One Movement Invitational and in December the Girl Skate event exclusively for young girls.

Since putting out the advertisement to have more skaters, Nicholls said that interest has been high as they have more opportunities and benefits than they had in the past.



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