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Mobile library service a success

One of the mobile library units which is undergoing a revamp. (Photo by Michron Robinson
By Dwayne Gibbs on Wednesday, 11 May, 2022 at 06:23 AM

The Barbados National Library Service mobile library initiative continues to be a success.

So says Acting Deputy Director within the National Library Service Beverley Archer.

While speaking to The Wallpaper, she said that students were excited to welcome them back to their institutions after not seeing the mobile library because of the ongoing pandemic.

“We serve twenty-nine primary schools and they are quite excited to have us come back. Those students within the lower classes would not have known about the library bus. The teachers and children are quite excited to have us back,” she reported.

Archer made the distinction that the mobile library service is not new but merely a continuation of decades of service prior to the pandemic.

“We have had a mobile unit for quite some time and it has serviced primary schools all across Barbados. We were just grounded because of COVID-19 so we’re quite happy to have the bus back out. It’s just a continuation of what was happening. Now we just have to operate within the COVID-19 times. Once the Government did not have a lockdown, we were open to the general public,” she explained.

She said the only concern for them would be that readers follow the COVID-19 protocols.

“We have restricted persons on board so they can’t all go in together-they have to go in individually and select their books. We sanitize the buses and follow the protocols similar to all across the board,” she added. 

Archer said that there are currently seven branch libraries available for walk-ins.




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