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Hythe Gardens "shaken up" following robbery

Image by Vonardo Corbin
By Vonardo Corbin on Monday, 9 May, 2022 at 11:12 PM

Some residents in Hythe Gardens, Christ Church, say they feel shaken up after an armed robbery there on Saturday night.

The police reported that two masked men entered a home armed with what appeared to be a machine gun and demanded money while threatening to shoot the owner.

President of the Hythe Gardens Association, Hashim Degia, said he received a message in the community’s Whatsapp group chat where the victim of the burglary asked for help stating that he had been robbed.

“I saw “emergency, I’m being robbed at gunpoint”, so I immediately called the Oistins police station and in two two’s the police was here”, he said.

“The neighbours panicked cause then the neighbours had called the police too and the neighbours got frightened.” Degia added.

Degia said that he believes that the robbers must have been familiar with the resident.  “For 3 men to come in here with machine guns to rob a resident that is a targeted robbery, that is not a everyday robbery.”

Another concerned resident, who chose to remain anonymous, said that such cases of aggravated burglary do not occur often in the community. “The most you would get is they would steal your fruits, limes, mangoes, and those types of stuff, so I was shocked when I heard it”, she said.

She added, “of course you feel a little jittery about it because this is a step further rather than the fruits we are accustomed to them thieving”.

The victim of the robbery declined to speak to The Wallpaper.


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