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Golden Square is open to the public

One of the signs at Golden Square describing the origin and displays what the area looks like. (Photo by Kiara Smith)
By Kiara Smith on Monday, 31 January, 2022 at 01:24 PM

Many Barbadians gathered in Bridgetown for the official reopening of the Golden Square Freedom Park.

The park was the first phase of Government’s plans to redevelop The City in the Bridgetown Transformation Project.

Golden Square pays tribute to one of our national heroes, Clement Payne, who in 1937 tried to bring the masses together, to encourage them to seek a better life and break free from oppression. This occurred at the same location 84 years ago, which led to the revolutionary riots in Bridgetown.

The event had many cultural elements and performances throughout the day. This included demonstrations of games like dominoes, draughts, warri and potta. The Barbados Road Tennis Association made use of the new road tennis court, also located in the square, by hosting a competition.

The space was alive with cultural characters such as the Nutseller, Shaggy Bear, Mother Sally, Mauby Woman, the Landship Admiral and street performances by students and graduates of the Barbados Community College's Theatre Arts Programme.

Many of Barbados’ renowned performers graced the stage with their acts including Dancin’ Africa, the Tuk Band and the Israel Lovell Foundation. Other artistes such as “Jus-D”, “TC”, and Asher “Dynamo” Murrell also sang their renditions of local songs.

Dignitaries such as President Sandra Mason, Prime Minister Mia Mottley, Minister of Health and Wellness, Lt. Col. Jeffrey Bostic, and Ambassador to Caribbean Community (CARICOM) David Comissiong were all there to witness the monumental event.

Dancer Kemal Marshall said that it was extremely enlightening and exciting to be a part of the amazing process and be a part of the historical moments in Barbados.

He added, “I felt honoured to be a part of the opening of the newest spaces on the island, a space that means a lot to us Barbadians…. I can say I was one of the first dancers that danced in Golden Square, and was able to enjoy and appreciate the space for what it is.

Actor Neil Waithe said he played the fictional character “Benji”, who was that angry voice that represented the persons involved in the 1937 rebellion.

Waithe said, “I believe it embodies a lot of the fire and the retribution that a lot of people wished to say and wished to express, so it was an honour to blurt out a lot of the inadequacies in the economic situation of the time."

He further explained that he enjoyed being able to interact and perform with people and described it as a blessing because during this pandemic, in-person performances have been limited.

Ambassador Comissiong said, “The challenge for us now is to play our part in helping to realise Clement Payne’s vision by embracing this magnificent two-acre Golden Square Freedom Park and making it the mecca of civic engagement, public education, participatory citizenship, conscious artistic expression and progression in the new republic of Barbados."


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