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Fit for a Queen

The construction team preparing the fountain in Queen's Park for casting. (Picture by Tamesha Doughty)
By Tamesha Doughty on Monday, 22 November, 2021 at 12:45 PM

The Queen's Park Refurbishment Project will be completed over the next three weeks.

This is according to Acting General Manager of the National Conservation Commission, Ryan Als, who said the historic site, which has been neglected for many years, will have numerous features restored to their former glory.

“Persons have had to endure a dull, drab space with features in the park not functioning such as the fountain and as persons much older than myself would know, there were three fountains within Queen's Park,” he added. 

The fountain, Als said, is one of the priority areas in the refurbishment process while the initial landscaping, changing of the colour scheme, Als added, are some of the changes Barbadians can expect on completion of the refurbishment project.   

“Other changes include, finishes to the walls to bring back the original coral finish, sealing, re-piping and rewiring of the lake and pump house will also be completed this year,” he said. 

Meanwhile, Als mentioned that further major upgrades are on the cards for the historic site next year. 

“For the band stand or what is known as the Gazebo, we will do some painting and minor adjustments, however in the coming future we will do a complete refurbishment,” he said.

Als asserted that even though “something that has been neglected for so long cannot be fixed within a short space of time”, they are mindful of keeping the original features and ensuring that the historic value of Queen's Park remains intact.



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